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Representing Yourself in a Divorce in Dallas


This article contains a guide with information and resources for people representing themselves in a divorce, with resources and information specific to the Dallas, Texas, area. This article was written by the Dallas Bar Association


Where can I learn about representing myself in a Dallas County divorce?

This guide from the Dallas Bar Association is an introduction to representing yourself (known as pro se representation) in a family lawsuit in Dallas County.

Topics addressed:

  • Understanding the Risks of Representing Yourself
  • Getting a Divorce
    • General Information
    • Beginning the Divorce Process
    • Presumption of Community Property
    • Middle of the Case 
    • Finalizing Your Divorce
    • Dealing with Paternity
  • Divorce with Children
  • Family Violence
  • Important Rules and Deadlines
  • Common Questions
  • Resources and References

Where can I find a complete list of resources for divorce help in Dallas?

See the "Resources and References" section of the Dallas Bar Association's Representing Yourself in a Divorce publication.

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