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Legal Clinic Calendar

Due to COVID-19, many organizations will be suspending their legal clinic programs.  Please contact the organization ahead of time to ensure the clinic will still be held.

What is a Legal Clinic?

Various bar associations and legal aid organizations offer legal clinics as a way to provide free legal advice. If you qualify, you can talk with a lawyer at a legal clinic for free.

Some legal clinics are only for people with low-incomes. Other legal clinics are only for veterans. Most legal clinics only give advice about certain legal issues.

Check with each organization ahead of time to make sure:

●     you qualify, and

●     they give advice about your particular legal issue, and

●     the legal clinic is still scheduled as advertised (this is especially important around holidays).

You might be able to get a Pro Bono or Volunteer Lawyer depending on the clinic you go to and the organization hosting it.

Please click here for more information on finding a Pro Bono or Volunteer Lawyer.

Especially around the holidays, make sure to call ahead to confirm the clinic is still going on BEFORE going.